Candle & Diffuser Care

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Candle care

Did you know a candle has a memory? When lighting your candle for the first time it is recommended to burn it until you see a full pool of wax form on top of the candle thus ensuring an even burn and you will get maximum fragrance – that’s what we all want! It is best to burn your candle for 1-2 hours each time no more than 4 hours. Another key tip is to always trim your wick before re-lighting your candle to approx. 5mm, this will minimise the soot and remove the mushrooming left from the previous burn. Best to not burn in a draft area and not in direct sunlight and to stop burning your candle when approx. 5mm of wax is left in the jar, if the glass heats up too much it could crack or break.

Don’t forget that every Inner Sparkle soy candle is hand poured and not mass produced, I try to ensure each and every candle is consistent but each candle will vary slightly – be sure it is hand poured with lots of love! Enjoy your Inner Sparkle candle. Always read the warning label at the bottom of your candle for some further safety tips before burning your soy candle.

My “Inner Sparkle” room diffusers are a great way to have a constant fragrance in your home. The reeds diffuse the liquid so the delicious fragrance goes in the air. These are great for those areas that are not ideal for burning a candle, entrance areas or powder rooms or the bathroom just to name a few spots… My room diffusers last 6+months and all of my customers come back saying wow I can’t believe how long my diffuser has lasted and it smells amazing! 😊 Here are some helpful tips to gain the most out of your Inner Sparkle room diffuser!

Diffuser care

Shake the glass jar before removing the cap. Take rubber band off the reeds and place the reeds into the jar. For a stronger fragrance turn the reeds regularly, for a lesser fragrance just use less reeds – it’s as easy as that! Keep away from drafts to avoid the reeds drying out. Keep out of reach of children and away from anything flammable. Enjoy your Inner Sparkle room diffuser

Car diffuser care

Unscrew the lid, remove the plastic cap, screw the lid back on the bottle and turn upside down till you see the liquid show on the timber lid. Hang up in pride of place and enjoy! When you need to refresh the fragrance simply turn upside down to let more liquid drain down through the timber. My Inner Sparkle car diffusers can also be used in those smaller areas not only for the car.