Welcome to Inner Sparkle… My name is Bec and I hand pour premium fragranced soy candles and diffusers on the NSW South Coast. My inspiration to start my small business, ‘Inner Sparkle’, was my love for gorgeous strong smelling soy candles! I love now that my product range can give my customers a choice of a candle or diffuser for different areas of their home/office or even your car. I wanted to keep my products unique and have a variety of fragrances to choose from at an affordable price. x

Why ‘Inner Sparkle’ for my business name… well, I love anything with sparkle, bling, glitter, bright fun colours so knew I had to have ‘sparkle’ in the business name and I think it fits nicely with a beautiful flickering candle oh and why the Inner part of my biz name, well I always say look within to find the inner beauty so that’s what I thought of for the name and I fell in love. So that’s how I got to calling my business Inner Sparkle.

Have a look around, any questions please feel free to get in touch with me via the contact tab or if you need some help deciding on fragrances or you have a custom order you would like to discuss – I am here and more than happy to help. Till then rememeber to spread some love, light and sparkle through out your day.

 Bec x

My soy candles consist of 100% natural soy wax and high quality fragrances. Soy candles are natural and not made from petroleum like some other candles available on the market that cause toxins to be released into the air when burnt. My candles are safe to burn around young children, pets and pregnant mothers to be… Soy wax has a low melting point which means your candle will burn for longer and fill your room with a beautiful fragrance with every burn. Each candle has a lead free wick, is clean burning and safe for the environment.

I only use premium oils and high quality fragrances for my diffusers – that is how I ensure they last months and months for you to enjoy, my room diffusers last approx. 6+mths and my car diffusers last approx. 3+mths not like some others on the market today that evaporate really fast. A room diffuser is a great alternative to a flickering candle especially for those areas where you think a candle is not appropriate. Room diffusers are ideal for those areas you want a constant delicious aroma fragrance filled areas or for the bathroom areas. Car diffusers are a great addition, not just for the car – lots of my customers use them for other small areas allowing the fragrance to diffuse but not be too strong…

I love my candle fragrances strong and of the best quality so that is how I like to make them for my customers too! My candles and diffusers make a perfect gift or addition to any space. I hope you enjoy my fragranced products as much as I love to making them for you.

I can make candles for any occasion – weddings, baby showers, congratulations or birthday gifts. Go to the Contact Us tab to get in touch with me to discuss your special occasion, I am here and happy to help! I also love to collaborate with other gorgeous businesses so let me know if we can work together on something magical…

I hope this website will give you an insight into my business and provide you with an easy way of placing your order and getting in touch with me.

Sending lots of Sparkle your way💫